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Research Participant Corner

Research Participant Corner


Research has led to important discoveries that make our lives better. By taking part in a research study, you can contribute to the better understanding of how a treatment or intervention works in people of different ethnic backgrounds and genders. Research may also help to improve medical procedures in the future. At McLaren, we are committed to protecting the rights and welfare of those who choose to volunteer in research.

This page was designed to help current and potential research volunteers in the decision making process. You will find basic information about research and your rights as a research participant.

The Research Integrity department welcomes your questions, concerns, complaints, and suggestions. You can contact our office at (248) 484-4950.

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Why Volunteer?

Information that may help you in deciding whether or not to participate in research

Research Terms

This document translates some medical terms into words that may be easier to understand


Answers to questions frequently asked by those participating in, or considering participating in research.


Information on some historical milestones in human research protections.

Reporting Concerns

Who do I call if I have questions or concerns about being in a research study?

We understand that, if you or a loved one are currently participating in a research study, or have participated in one in the past, you may have questions or concerns. To address those questions / concerns related to participation in a research study, you are encouraged to contact your research doctor. Their contact information is listed in the informed consent form.

You may also contact the McLaren Healthcare Corporation Institutional Review Board (248) 484-4950; or by email at

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