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McLaren Port Huron values and welcomes Canadian patients

When it comes to your health, you have a choice.
Waiting for medical procedures can be painful, both physically and emotionally. You lose time away from the things you enjoy. Sometimes, there is a risk the condition may worsen while you wait. It is comforting to know you have healthcare choices to help get you back on track with no waiting.

McLaren Port Huron is recognized nationally for providing exceptional patient-focused healthcare. We are passionate about the medical care we give. We offer a full range of healthcare services, with no long wait times. And we are right next door - less than a 5-minute drive after exiting the Blue Water Bridge near the Canadian Border!
Here are just a few of the procedures that Canadians are having done at McLaren Port Huron with no waiting:

Why wait for answers? Get radiology results, sooner.

The information you gain from MRI's, CT scans and other imaging provides vital direction for your treatment plan. Get the information you need fast, by booking radiology at McLaren Port Huron. Call HealthAccess today: 1(810) 989-3199. more on imaging services

No painful wait. Get joint surgery, sooner.

Waiting for hip, knee and other joint surgery can be distressing, and can make you feel like your life is put on hold. Our physicians have years of expertise in joint surgery, with no long wait times to help you get back in action sooner.
Call HealthAccess today: 1(810) 989-3199. more on joint surgery

Why lose time? Get weight loss surgery, sooner.

Don't let a serious weight concern hold you back from enjoying your life. McLaren Port Huron offers four bariatric procedures - the sleeve gastrectomy, the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the adjustable gastric band and the intragastric balloon procedure - and has provided winning results for thousands. The McLaren Port Huron Bariatric Center of Michigan is accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program: (MBSAQIP) of the American College of Surgeons: (ACS)
Call HealthAccess today: 1(810) 989-3199. more on weight loss surgery

Why wait when you can start Healing sooner?

Wounds that haven't healed are a big concern and a serious health risk.  Get started on the treatment plan you need to heal chronic wounds. Call HealthAccess today: 1(810) 989-3199. 

Bring Healthcare Home - close and affordable home medical supplies and more.

Hart Medical Equipment is a home medical equipment supplier dedicated to providing the highest quality in equipment and services to patients. Conveniently located within 5 minutes of the Blue Water Bridge, stop in to see the large selection of uniforms, diabetic shoes, walking aids, lift chairs and more.
Call Hart Medical equipment today: 1(810) 982-0700. more on Medical Equipment

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