The DAISY Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the care nurses provide every day. McLaren Port Huron is proud to be a DAISY Award partner, recognizing our nurses for their outstanding clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and personalized care they give to our patients.

The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died at age 33 from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP. The Barnes family was awestruck by the skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created the DAISY Award as a way to say thank you to nurses everywhere.

DAISY Award recipients are recognized at a public ceremony and receive a framed certificate, a DAISY Award signature lapel pin and a hand-carved sculpture entitled A Healer’s Touch. To nominate a nurse for the DAISY Award, simply share your story of extraordinary care. Nomination forms can be found throughout the hospital or online.

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May 2022 Recipient: Debra Stockwell, BSN, RN

Debra Stockwell, BSN, RN, was honored with the very first DAISY Award at McLaren Port Huron. Deb has been a nurse at McLaren Port Huron for 38 years and is currently in Nursing Education. Deb was nominated by a coworker who saw her outstanding clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and personalized care given to patients through this story:

“We had a patient who was a “frequent flyer” with COPD and other medical concerns. On one admission she required a colostomy bag. The follow-up wound care prescribed proved challenging - it was difficult to change or seal the stoma bag properly - resulting in leakage, infections, and extremely sore skin and pain. The patient became emotionally and physically drained. Debbie, with her plethora of knowledge and tireless efforts, worked hard to figure out a way to seal the bag and decrease the pain and irritation for the patient. She was available anytime (day or night) to educate other staff RNs caring for this patient. On her own time, she worked with the staff at the extended care facility in Richmond to educate their staff on how to care for this patient.

Debbie has been a nurse here at MPH for over 40 years. Her optimism, passion and dedication to learning is not just a one-time event. Her exemplary reliability and loyalty to patients, coworkers and physicians has been appreciated by many over the years. Debbie continually sacrifices her own time to ensure a project comes together perfectly which will impact and benefit staff and patients. It would be tough to find an RN or aide that has not profited from Debbie’s compassion or knowledge. Unmatched and unrivaled as a role model, Debbie is the epitome of the attributes all RNs should look to emulate.

Debbie, you are an inspiration. Debbie, you have touched so many lives. Thank you for all that you do!”

Debra Stockwell, BSN, RN