Patient Education

Managing Your Health After Discharge

Research shows that patients who understand their medical condition and how to care for themselves following discharge from the hospital have better outcomes. As a healthcare team, we are committed to ensuring that you understand how to manage your health as you transition to the next phase of healing.
As such, we seek to support your preferences for learning as they relate to your condition and specific healthcare needs, including medications, follow-up, and what signs and symptoms to watch for after you leave the hospital. We encourage you to ask questions and request written or electronic resources regarding your health condition, medicines, or care following discharge.
Prior to your discharge, we want to ensure that you understand the following:

  • Why you were in the hospital
  • Your progress toward your healing goals
  • Including diet and activities.
  • The purpose and potential side effects of your medicines
  • The answers to any questions you or your family have
  • Your plan of care following discharge
  • What help you will need after leaving the hospital
  • What symptoms to look for in the days and weeks following discharge
  • Follow up appointments and/or testing

If you have questions, please ask your care team before discharge.