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Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Keeping Memories Alive

Honor friends, neighbors, and family members who have made an impact in your life with a tribute or memorial gift. A tribute is a unique and meaningful way to recognize a loved one for an upcoming wedding, birthday, or celebratory event. When a loved one has passed, a memorial gift is an impactful way to keep their memory alive.

The Foundation will send a personalized letter to the honoree or honoree’s family to inform them of your thoughtful gift while keeping the amount confidential. Your gift to McLaren Northern Michigan will support the area of greatest need or a designated program of your choice.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Make a Tribute Gift Make a Memorial Gift

For Memorial Service Programs and Obituaries

If you are arranging a funeral or a memorial service and want to include McLaren Northern Michigan as a recipient of donations, please use the following information. This information can be printed on programs, shared in online tribute websites or shared by email.

Donations may be made online at

To make a donation by check, please see below for helpful tips:

  • On the memo line of the check, indicate where you would like your check directed, such as “greatest needs” or a specific fundraising priority, and the full name of the honoree.
  • To receive a receipt for your gift, please provide the mailing address for the gift receipt. Also include the address of the individual you would like to receive a notification of your gift, such as the family or spouse of the person your gift honors.
  • The amount of your donation will not be disclosed to the public nor to the family you are honoring.
Checks should be written and sent to:

McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation
360 Connable Avenue
Petoskey, MI 49770

Call: 231-487-3500