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Extraordinary Employee of the Season

Extraordinary Employee of the Season

Nominate an Extraordinary team member!

Use this form to nominate an individual for recognition as McLaren Greater Lansing’s “Extraordinary Employee of the Season” recipient. Nominees can be clinical or non-clinical staff at all levels, including physicians and other providers. All nominations are treated confidentially. Excerpts from nomination forms or attachments may be published for persons selected as the award recipient.

The MGL Experience Team reviews the nominations quarterly. Applicants may resubmit a nomination form if the individual is not selected at the time of nomination. Please type or print clearly when filling out the nomination form.

Recipients will have their choice of 1. A designated parking spot next to our CEO or, 2. A $50 voucher to the McLaren e-store. Recipients will also receive special recognition from leadership and in the McLaren Minute newsletter that is e-mailed to all employees every Monday.

To nominate a team member for the Extraordinary Employee of the Season award, simply fill out the form below.

Please describe in detail below why the above-mentioned nominee should be awarded the “Extraordinary Employee of the Season” award.

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On August 27, 2022, Mike Garland’s heart stopped.

Judy Evans

McLaren Greater Lansing

“I thought I was having panic attacks.”

Deborah Nutt

McLaren Greater Lansing

Fear—it’s the first thing Deborah Nutt felt when she was told that the lump she found wasn’t an infected lymphoid; it was squamous cell (neck) cancer.
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