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Our Guardian Angel Program

guardian angel program

Was your visit exceptional?

On a regular basis, patients and guests of McLaren Greater Lansing and McLaren Orthopedic Hospital ask what they can do to express their appreciation for exceptional service they received during a recent visit.

McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation has founded the Guardian Angel Program to offer thankful guests an opportunity to recognize individuals or departments who have made a difference in their stay.

  • Did a nurse or physician provide not only exceptional clinical care to you or your loved one, but was truly "caring?"
  • Were you lost and met a staff member who helped escort you to your destination?
  • Did you meet a volunteer who helped make your visit comfortable and treated you like a family member?
  • Was your visit from start to finish better than what you expected?
  • Was your visit truly a great experience?

McLaren Greater Lansing Healthcare Foundation

McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works diligently to offer a real promise to a healthier community in the future by raising support for McLaren Greater Lansing and McLaren Orthopedic Hospital.

Funds raised by the Foundation have purchased much needed items as small as scales and continuing education support for nurses to equipment and facilities as large as a state-of-the-art digital mammography machine and support for the Chi Heart & Surgery Center.

McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation relies on support from grateful patients and community members like you to make a difference in our patients' and staff's lives on a daily basis.

Sharing appreciation

There are two ways you can extend your thanks to the people who made a difference in your visit to McLaren Greater Lansing or McLaren Orthopedic Hospital; share your story by writing a letter of appreciation, and/or by making a donation to McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation.

Making a donation to the Foundation honors your caregivers by not only acknowledging the wonderful care they provide, but also supports them by strengthening their ability to access state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. To make a donation to the Foundation, click here!

Share your story!

Even if you do not wish to make a donation at this time, please share your story about those who made you feel welcome. We are as anxious to recognize these exceptional individuals as you are! Every "thank-you" results in special acknowledgement for those you identify as superior caregivers.

Patients and guests at McLaren Greater Lansing have been sharing their stories of gratitude for a long time. McLaren Greater Lansing wants you to share your story, too! Tell us all about it by filing out the form below!

What our guests are saying

"I have terrific memories of the care received at [McLaren]...Please know that I felt cared for both professionally and personally..." - Arlene H.

"When I was telling my friends I was choosing to have treatment for breast cancer at [McLaren Greater Lansing], one of them clapped their hands and said, ΓÇÿOh, you'll find an angel around every corner.' Indeed, that has been the case . . . Every staff member has been helpful and wonderful, but [some] have made the beginning of this journey less frightening by their personal touch and caring attitude. I thank them." - Dianne W.

"I would like to say thank you to the doctors and nurses that saved my life. If not for them, I would not be alive." - Joan J.

"Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped us before, during and after my husband's knee surgery. You took excellent care of us both. Great job!" - Ann & Steve S.

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